I was born and raised in Rural North East Indiana in a town so small all we had was a 4 way flashing light to control the busy intersection of town. Raised by my Grandparents so I was a bit wild and untameable as a boy.

I am the typical Irish American Mutt mixed also with a bit of this and that, born an Aries but on the cusp of a Taurus so I tend to be a bit Dominate and Aggressive most of the time.  I like to be in charge and look at the big picture to make sure our course stays straight and true although I do tend to drag my feet and examine the consequences of each move.

I'm a 40 something man who's had my share of up and downs and like most of us someone who has overcome my share of hardships all which has helped my life go in the direction it has and as also helped shaped into the person I am today.  I'm a very Confident Daddy who doesn't have time for the bullshit, I'm often seen as arrogant and cocky but if you get to know me I have a very kind and soft side of me that I only share with the people who are important to me.

I have the love to a very Strong and Confident Man who has no doubt been the best blessing of my life.  We have a very open and honest relationship which allows us both to grow as individuals as well as a couple.  Neither of us is really at the helm here but instead we both decide and work together on steering the ship.

My eyes have been opened to a lot over the years and I've become much more accepting to things that I once had closed my eyes too but I'm very masculine almost neanderthal at times still very much Old School and maybe conservative yet slightly liberal when it comes to the way I live my life - I know the difference between right and wrong doing the best to help others when I can.  

I keep my circle of friends tight and my true friends are the people who are not only good people but are loyal and trustworthy to a fault.  No one has to be like me or share my opinions but in order to get close to me you're going to have to keep it real and transparent to earn my trust.

Sexually I'm pretty much a freak boarding on "DAMN" if I really get into the mood.  I like role play and really like playing in a leather environment although I tend to be a little more reserved than I'd really like to be if I get in the right mindset.  The less emotionally connected I am to you the rougher I can get in a Dom but not Sub however the more connected I am the rougher you can get with me as a Sub but not a Dom - make since?  LOL  I'm mostly a btm but I do like to top if I really get into the mood but I like my btm's with loose holes and even better if it's freshly used.

2012  Best Gay Couple
2012  Best New Cummer

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