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With your help we have been able to create what looks like a promising site full of diversity, kinks, and special interest.

We need fresh blood in the worse way so we are announcing a Model Search for STM. Now guys, this is a fresh company and despite what a lot of you seem to think our pockets are not deep.   


We are mainly looking for Guest Appearances for those of you in the Orlando, Tampa, or Ft. Lauderdale areas.  Although our attraction for men vary we are looking for men who take care of themselves, prefer fit muscular men.  That does not mean we are looking for Body Builders, far from it actually.  Men with muscle guts step to the front.

We are sorry guys but Twinks and Large Bears, we have nothing but love for ya but there are a lot of site already catering to your needs and we are trying to bring something different to the table.  Prefer dudes over 30 but will not turn down a hot mature pup.  We welcome all races, hell lets the the whole United Nations up in here.

We do need you to send us some pics of ya, full body - front and back.  Face shots boys, we want to see that mug, please don’t send us a thumb nail pic or a pic of you that is taken 30ft away.   3 - 4 good shots are good for starters guys.  Give us your sexual preferences and limits.

We film Both Condom and BareBack Sex-

We do require an STD test that is with in 15 days of your scheduled shoot with us.  We welcome both  HIV poz and neg guys, if you are poz we do prefer that you are on meds and undectable - if not you will have to wear a condom.  We will not disclosure your status to the fans however YOU will inform your scene partner in front of us so we know everyone is clear about what they are dealing with and what they are comfortable with .  (The only exclusion to this is if you are a couple who are already in a relationship and you are only filming with each other.)

If you do not want to work with either a poz or neg model but still wish to film we can arrange that as well.  Solo's and Couples, we do not want to leave you out and if you're hot enough but do not want your face on film - we do have a mask but your body must be on point.

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